July 17, 2012
Murs does a Gay Rights video for “Animal Style”

Murs does a Gay Rights video for “Animal Style” off his latest project Love and Rockets.

Rocking a Legalize Gay T-shirt throughout the entire video and even sharing and on-screen kiss with a man.

Check out this quote from Out.com and Murs about the video.

You wrote on the YouTube page for the video that you felt it was important to show that same-sex love wasn’t that different from “the love I have for my partner of the opposite sex,” which seems pretty profound for someone in the hip-hop community to put out there. What was the process that you went through when discussing, scripting, filming the video?

The reaction is kind of strange. I don’t really read the comments, and I would never look to some of these media outlets for approval. My main concern is with the LGBT community, that they have responded favorably. Being a straight male, and stepping into that role, I was nervous about the reaction from the gay community.

But the way straight people have reacted? I could really care less. Oh and how my wife would react. That matters.

Check out more from that interview on Out.com

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