August 15, 2012
HH4L Radio Replay: Sweet Nothings

We’re back! After being on summer vacation, your fearless hostesses have returned to HH4L Radio. Do you engage in dirty talk with a lover? When do you say something really explicit? Do you talk when you climax? What happens when dirty talk falls flat? This episode features songs by H.I.S.D, Scarface, Rick Ross, and Lady.

Yankin’ - Lady
Turn On The Lights - Future
Sex Room - Ludacris
Insomnia - Big K.R.I.T.
Wait Until Tonight - 50 Cent
Diced Pineapples - Rick Ross
You the Boss - Rick Ross
The Neighbors - TiRon & Ayomari
High Note - Scarface
SheetRock - H.I.S.D.
She Said OK - Big Boi
I Don’t Want NothingChase N. Cashe
Stapleton Sex - Ghostface

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