August 29, 2012
A Bitch About the B Word

"Who you callin’ a b!tch?" It’s an insult, a term of endearment, and everything in between… It’s the b word. Join your hostesses for a conversation about the word bitch: its etymology, current and past usages, and its travels through Hip Hop music. Do you use the b word? What happens if/ when someone uses it around you? Features music by Lil Kim, Queen Latifah, and 9th Wonder.

99 Problems — Jay-Z
She’s a Bitch — Missy Elliott
Gangsta Bitch — Apache
U.N.I.T.Y. — Queen Latifah
Queen B@$#h — Lil Kim
Bitches Ain’t Shit — Dr. Dre
Move Bitch — Ludacris
I Love My Bitches — Rick Ross
Me & My Bitch — The Notorious B.I.G.
I Love My B**** — Busta Rhymes
Look Back At Me (Ft. Killer Mike) — Trina
Loyalty (Feat. Masta Killa & Halo) — 9th Wonder

September 23, 2011
NYC HH4L Approved: 9/28/11Freddie Gibbs and 9th Wonder at Southpaw

This Wednesday after you listen to Hip Hop is 4 Lovers head over to Southpaw and check out  9th Wonder, Freddie Gibbs, Fresh Daily, Kid Daytona, Rapsody and Jah C and Jaison Spain performing live.

Presale tickets are $12. $15 at the door.

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