July 5, 2012
In Support of Frank Ocean

Odd Future member Frank Ocean recently revealed intimacies about his romantic past that has the media all a buzz. As he did not actually use the word Gay or BiSexual, he did reveal an intimate relationship with another man that he was in love with. While we initially planned to write out a response in support of Frank Ocean and what it could possibly mean for the urban music landscape, we then realized that there were so many great responses already out there. So Below are quotes from our favorites.  We want to encourage you to check them out and tell us your thoughts in the comments.

From TheWellVersed.com:

"When responses to that beautiful, rhythmic affirmation are “I’m not listening to his album,” I know that the “world we live in now” is still cold, heartless and afraid. Even seemingly acceptable sentiments are telling. “I don’t care, I just don’t want to hear about it,” is more a push back toward the closet door than a walk along the “higher” road where only the music matters. We would rather sing along to lies than face the real stories. If you want to know the truth, the matter IS the music." ~ Aja K Riddick

From LifeandTimes.com

You shared one of the most intimate things that ever happened to you – falling in love with someone who wasn’t brave enough to love you back. Your relieving yourself of your “secret” is as much about wanting to honestly connect as it is about exhibition. We are all made better by your decision to share publicly. ~Dream Hampton

From LATimes.com

The straightforward letter – which can be read in its entirety here – is undoubtedly the glass ceiling moment for music. Especially black music, which has long been in desperate need of a voice like Ocean’s to break the layers of homophobia. There are plenty of reasons this moment has so much weight. Too many for any single article to explore. ~Gerrick D. Kennedy

From Ebony.com

I hope that Frank Ocean doesn’t become “the gay singer,” for it would be criminally unfair for him to wear that label as so many of his musical peers and elders are sleeping with and loving same gendered persons, while selling images of hyper-heterosexuality. And I truly hope that people who were fans before don’t lose their appetite for his music. Regardless of one’s feelings on Frank Ocean the artist, I hope that this very raw look at Frank Ocean the man forces people to look beyond their fear over two penises in one bed. People must come to recognize that gay and bisexual people also have hearts, emotions, relationships that are just as significant as anyone else’s.~Jamilah Lemieux

One of the best showings of support (in our opinion) came from fellow Odd Future Member Tyler The Creator:

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