April 25, 2012
Hip Hop is 4 Lovers Radio Replay: O…em gee

The big O. Climax. Busting a nut. Join your fearless hostesses as they discuss the ins, outs, ups, and downs of orgasms. Tonight’s subject matter includes squirting, prostate milking, and even a remix of Brian McKnight’s sincere-yet-misguided “If You’re Ready to Learn.” Features music by 50 Cent, Azealia Banks, and Ludacris.

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High Note Scarface
Insomnia [Guitar By Mike Hartnett Big K.R.I.T.
P.S.A. (Pussy So Amazin’) Freddie Gibbs
How Many Licks remix Lil Kim
Ludacris - Splash Waterfalls (Remix) - ft. Rapheal Saadiq
SheetRock H.I.S.D. (Hueston Independent Spit District)
Getting Some Head Shawnna
Liquorice Azealia Banks
Up (Remix) 50 Cent ft Young Jeezy, T.I.,
Some Cut Trillville





April 22, 2012
Why you can’t call me a “female” By Uche W.

Lately, there has been a trend of people referring to women as “females.” I am not going to say that only men do it because that is not the case. I personally notice when all sexes do it, no matter how you are identified.  I don’t know who/what started it, and frankly I don’t care. I just want it to stop.

        The issue I have with being referred to as “female” is that it removes my humanity. It reduces me to what’s between my legs versus what’s between my ears. It makes me, who is just as human as any other identity, less than.  It makes no distinction between me and any other nonhuman animal on this planet. It turns me into a characteristic of (my more often than not) layered identity.

      You ever watch those animal documentaries that say things like “the female” or “the male?” Yeah, that’s what you sound like and last time I checked most of you are not scientists or narrating any animal documentaries. Listen, I’m not an animal in a jungle, lab experiment or a zoo. I live amongst the human race just like you. Why reduce me to my sex? Is that what I am to you? Just an animal?

     This referring to women as “females” often occurs when people want to make distinctions between the way women and men think, give “advice”, or express disdain for our behavior or the way we carry ourselves.

Want  some more examples? Here’s a A SHIT LOAD.

If you believe women and men think differently that’s fine, but making that distinction because I have a vagina and you don’t, is not. I can’t help but consider the struggle we currently face in this country with women health rights and pay equality. I’m sure this is directly connected to the reduction in our humanity.  Don’t contribute to what is already enough people telling me what I should do (or not do) with my vagina. Definitely don’t refer to me by it.  

Definition of WOMAN a : an adult female person b : a woman belonging to a particular category (as by birth, residence, membership, or occupation) —usually used in combination
Definition of FEMALE  a (1) : of, relating to, or being the sex that bears young or produces eggs (2) : pistillate b (1) : composed of members of the female sex (2) : characteristic of girls or women

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